Maui Articles

Iao Valley

Story by Lois Leinani Whitney

Home to both a County park and a State Monument, ‘Iao Valley is a picturesque recreational area that is delightfully easy to get to, while offering sightseers a chance to step back in time.

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Aloha for Community

Nestled in the foothills of the West Maui Mountains is the judicial and political hub of Maui County, the small town of Wailuku. Once also considered the business and commercial hub of the island with its two movie theaters, bowling alley, multiple gas stations, and Kress store, Wailuku now houses a growing community health clinic, Malama I Ke Ola Health Center. While the health center was being built, artist Monica Morakis was commissioned to create a five foot mosaic over the fountain that celebrated the community of Wailuku and welcomed all those entering the spacious lobby.

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Maui’s Humpback Whales

Pacific Whale Foundation’s research team has been studying humpback whales in Hawaii, Australia, Ecuador, Alaska, Tonga and other parts of the Pacific for over 33 years. Early pioneers in whale research, Pacific Whale Foundation’s scientists helped demonstrate that vast amounts of scientific knowledge about whales could be gathered non-invasively, through careful observation and data collection in the field.

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The Wild and Scenic Coast of Lanai

By Anne Rillero

With 47 miles of shoreline, much of it wild, uninhabited, remote and scenic, the island of Lana’i calls to all who love ocean adventure. It’s an easy journey – just nine miles across the generally serene ‘Au’Au Channel from Maui. Along the southern edge of Lana’i are beautiful bays and volcanic red sea cliffs, vividly contrasted against azure blue ocean. Because this area receives little rainfall and has scant run-off, the sea is crystal clear – one reason why Skin Diver magazine ranked Lana’i among the world’s top 10 snorkel and scuba sites.

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Maui’s Magnificent Mountain

Story by Morris Haole, Photography by Joey Corcino

Towering 10,023 feet above sea level, this sacred mountain occupies 75 percent of the Island of Maui and is held in such high esteem it is revered in ancient Hawaiian chants, legends and history. Its majesty beckons with aloha and the traditional Hawaiian greeting: “E komo mai” – “Welcome!”

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Maui’s Kanaio Coast

By Mark Henry

Five hundred years ago the south- facing slope of Haleakala was exploding. Rivers of molten lava from fountaining vents rushed to the sea. One of the largest and most recent vents Puu Pimoi is situated 3,000 feet above sea level just below the settlement Kanaio along the back road to Hana.

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Road To Hana

By Lois Bisquera

Cool spray from a roadside waterfall… fragrant ginger flowers scenting the air… spectacular cliffs plunging to the sea… the road to Hana is an unforgettable, multi-sensory experience. You must make the trip at least once, or you haven’t tasted the very essence of Maui.

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Story by Morris Haole, Photography by Lois Whitney Bisquera

Located in what local residents term as upcountry, Makawao has long been identified with cattle raising and a cowboy mystic. As sugar cane and pineapple plantations developed at the lower elevations, the soft rolling hills at the 1,500 feet level provided rich grasses and extensive grazing ideal for beef production.

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What’s On The Menu

by Lois Whitney Bisquera

Hawaii is a colorful mix of ethnicities, and the cultural blend shows up on the plate as well as on the street. Here are some of the foods commonly found on restaurant/drive-in menus that local folks just can’t live without.

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Maui’s Whales

By Anne Rillero, Communications and Conservation Advocacy Manager

Just as many people travel to Hawaii in winter, thousands of humpback whales also make the journey, swimming about 2,500 miles or more from Alaska to reach the warm, clear waters surrounding our islands. Their migration is one of the longest in the animal kingdom.

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Fast Facts

By Lois Whitney Bisquera

Experience the charm and rich history of old Lahaina Town by strolling along Front Street. Once the whaling capital of the world and the former capital of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i, Lahaina is now Maui’s top destinations for shopping, dining, activities and entertainment.

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Maui Sun, Sea, & Surf

By Lois Bisquera

Okay, so you’ve slathered on the sunblock and packed up the snorkel gear, boogie boards, water toys, towels and picnic—now what? Check out this guide to our own favorite spots to help you decide which beach is right for your kind of fun. Happily, Maui’s beaches cater to snorkelers, surf chasers, kids, landlubbers and everyone in-between.

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