Tuesday, February 7

Loon by Wonderheads


Tuesday, February 7:
Loon by Wonderheads.
  Acclaimed physical theatre company and mask imagineers the Wonderheads bring you a love story that whisks a man to the moon and back! Francis, a lonely janitor who is plagued by isolation and tickled by whispers of childhood imagination, has hit rock bottom and discovers that he has nowhere to go . . . but up. And up. And up! But will plucking the moon from the sky bring him the love he is searching for?  Loon is performed in full-face mask, a form so magical audiences of all ages marvel in childlike delight (Calgary Sun). Wordless and whimsical, it has been described by audiences as watching a living cartoon, or live-action Pixar. A beautifully surprising mix of physical theatre, comedy and pathos, LOON is a love story the likes of which you’ve never seen.  Orvis Auditorium, 2411 Dole St., Honolulu.  For information call (808) 956-8246 or visit http://bit.ly/UHPresentsLOON.

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