Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival “Waikiki Style” (37th Annual)


August 10, 2019:
Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival “Waikiki Style” (37th Annual). The festival that began in Honolulu in 1982 will feature 15 our some of Hawaii’s finest artists in the slack key guitar genre over a period of 6 hours. Attendees will get to experience the many different styles of the genre and will come to understand the beauty of the music. Throughout the day food and refreshments will be available for purchase along with festival items such as festival t-shirts, hats, artist cds, and more. Also, throughout the day attendees will have an opportunity to win free prizes and one lucky winner will win a brand new Taylor guitar worth over $1,000.00. If you are a visitor and looking for a unique musical experience that reflects the Hawaiian culture this event would serve you well. https://www.waikikiaquarium.org/

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