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Kona’s Undersea World

The waters that surround Kona’s general geographic area are truly abundant with sea life. The easiest way (and some consider the most fun) to enjoy viewing the splendor of Kona’s underwater world is via a GLASS BOTTOM boat.

Kailua Bay Charter Company offers this experience through Captain Ralph and his boat, “Marian.” He not only owns and operates the business, but he also designed and built the 36-foot, 37 passenger Coast Guard inspected vessel. Captain Ralph, a Coast Guard Captain in Kona for over 40 years, began the glass bottom tours in 1996.Kona-Undersea-World

Marian features a shallow draft, which enables her to get within inches of the reef. This affords guests a close-up view of fish colonies and the coral below. The boat’s four large glass viewing ports are designed to allow guests to sit comfortably on cushioned seats in shaded comfort. However, one can also move to the forward or rear of the vessel to get some sun, or obtain a surface view of the surroundings which seasonally include visiting humpback whales and spinner dolphins that often visit Kailua Bay. In addition, Captain Ralph employs a friendly crew who loves to share their love and knowledge of the sea.

As well as the daily glass bottom boat tours, Marian also is available for a host of other events. These range from private parties, weddings and vow renewals, to sunset tours and memorials. The boat is also equipped with through- hull lighting, providing illumination for nighttime viewing. This thrilling and safe way to go “night diving” (without getting wet!) will surely provide a unique experience. The undersea world, from the smallest inhabitants to large manta rays, can be right before your eyes! Reserve your tour with Captain Ralph today!